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Miracle Supply

Miracle Supply offers one of the largest inventories of commercial and industrial supplies in Missouri. As a leading supplier to many area contractors, we offer high quality products for all of your applications and various market needs.  Miracle Cleaning & Technological Solutions offers O2 cleaning and passivation, along with steam and valve automation. Contact Us now for your plumbing, mechanical, heating, and commercial products and supplies, as well as your cleaning and automation needs.



The following is a list of the various manufacturers whose products we normally stock. We have also indicated the general nature of the products manufactured by each company.

Please do not hesitate to check with us on any of your immediate requirements for quality fixtures.

Call us at 314-426-4455 or email us at [email protected] to see if we have the part for you.  We have the largest inventory of plumbing supplies in Missouri.

ALLOY CO Stainless valves 150 & 300+ JADE CONTROLS - Thermocouples
Alloy Stainless Products (ASP) 304/305 150# -300# fittings Dason Stainless Products 304/305 bar stock stainless steel fittings
ALSON - Personal care showers JONES MFG. CO. - Drains & miscellaneous foundry goods
AMERICAN SAW & MFG. CO. - Lenox files & saw blades JOSAM - Floor and roof drains
Ameri-Forge Carbon and stainless flanges Crane Valves, full line bronze, stainless steel, cast iron and cast steel
AMETEK - Plymouth Prod. Div., Water filters JUST - Stainless steel sinks
AMTROL, INC. - Copper tube hangers and hydronics specialties KUPFERLE FOUNDRY CO. - Drains, yard hydrants, street washers, etc.
ANDERSON METALS - Brass air and shut-off cocks & fittings, compression, flare & brass IPS fittings LACLEDE STEEL - Black and galvanized steel pipe
APOLLO - Ball Valves LAKE CHEMICAL CO. - La-Co Teflon paste, etc.
ARMSTRONG - Circulating pumps LIBERTY & HYDRO - Sump pumps
BARRETT - Phillips "Red-Heads", etc. LITTLE GIANT - Tornado sump pumps
BELL-GOSSETT - Hydronics specialties and pumps MALCO - Industrial tools and accessories, saw blades and drill bits
BENJAMIN MFG. CO., INC. - Plastic specialties MARLIN VALVE CO. - High performance dual disc check valves
BISHOP VENTS - 2, 3 & 4 inch plastic vent covers MARPAK - Ball valves
BESTWELD - Stainless steel buttweld fittings MARSHALLTOWN - Pressure gauges and thermometers
BONNEY - Forged steel fittings and dielectric unions MARWIN - Ball valves
BURLINGTON BRASS WORKS - Ballcocks, etc. MCDONALD A.Y. - Brass plumbing goods, petroleum fittings, accessories and water service
CAMCO - Stainless steel fittings and nipples 316 & 304, 150+ to 3000+ threaded & socket weld fittings. MEPHISTO TOOL CO. - Plumbers hand tools
CAPITAL MFG. CO. - Forged steel fittings and dielectric unions MICHIGAN - Complete line of pipe hangers & "Speed-Strut" (similar to Unistrut)
CARDINAL MACHINE AND NIPPLE WORKS - Pipe nipples MIDLAND - Brass air & shut-off cocks and fittings
CARLON - PVC sewer main and fittings MISSOURI BOLT CORP. - Bolts, cap screws, nuts, washers, etc.
CENTERLINE - Butterfly valves MISSOURI THREADED PRODUCTS - All threaded rod
CGP - Stainless steel O-lets MUELLER BRASS CO. - Copper tubing, brass pipe, copper fittings
CHARLOTTE - Plastic pipe & fittings, CI pipe & fittings NATCO - Bolts, nuts & washers (stainless steel, carbon steel, brass)
CHERNE IND., INC. - Test balls (Pump-up style) NIBCO, INC. - Complete line of bronze gate, globe, ball, stops, check valves, flanged gates & checks, butterfly valves, stainless ball valves, etc.
CHICAGO FAUCET CO. - Faucets & parts OATEY - PVC specialties & flashings
CHRONOMITE - Instantaneous water heater PASCO - Plumbing specialties and tools, shower pan lining
Felker Brothers Stainless pipe and fittings PERMATEX COMPANY, INC. - Pipe joint compounds
Multalloy Exotic metals PLASTIC ODDITIES, INC. - Plastic drains and closet collars
CRANE - Complete line of plumbing fixtures RADIATOR SPECIALTY CO. - Pipe joint compounds, faucet parts and plumbers tools
DALLAS SPEC - Sewer pipe couplings & adapters RECTORSEAL CORP. - Pipe dope, scale remover, etc.
DAMASCAS - Stainless steel pipe 316 & 304 RED DEVIL - Concrete patch, grout, plaster, etc.
DAVIS PIPE - 304 & 316 Schedule 5-10-40-80 Stainless pipe REED MFG. CO. - Reed dies
EASTMAN CENTRAL D - Flexible supplies for lavatories, etc., flared and compression fittings, gas connectors RIDGE TOOL CO. - Hand tools, pipe machines and dies, etc.
>ELKHART - Copper fittings RPC - Forged steel valves
EXPANDO - Pipe joint compound SANITARY-DASH MFG. CO., INC. - Tubular plumbing goods
FEBCO - Backflow preventers SCHAUL MFG . - Plumbing specialties and tools
FERNCO, INC. - Sewer pipe couplings & adapters SEALITE CORP. - White oakum
FIBER IND., INC. - Mirafi 140 separation/filtration fabric SHAMROCK INDUSTRIES - Plastic crete sleeves
FLAGG & CO. - Brass fittings SLOAN VALVE CO. - Flush valves & parts
FLO CONTROL, INC. - Plastic compression fittings SMITH, A.O. - Water heaters
FLORESTONE - Laundry, tray, shower base, etc. SOLDERSEAL - Faucet repair specialties
GENERAL WIRE SPRING CO. - Sewer cleaning equipment SPEARS - PVC Sch40, Sch80 and CPVC large DWV fittings
GERBER - Faucets and bath drains SPRINGFIELD PLASTICS, INC. - Corrugated plastic tubing and fittings
GRINNELL - Electric water coolers and drinking fountains SPERZEL - Closet seats
HALSEY TAYLOR CO. - Hangers & supports, powerstrut malleables & valves SWAN - Showers, receptors, laundry sinks, etc.
HARRIS, J.W., CO., INC. - Silver solder SYMMONS - Valves, faucets and parts
HERCULES CHEMICAL CO., INC. - Solders, pipe joint compounds, cutting oil, etc. T & S BRASS> - Faucets and parts
HOFFMAN SPECIALTY MFG. CORP. - Valves, traps, strainers and regulators TARACORP - Silver solder
HOOVEN AND ALLISON CO. - Dry oakum and polypropylene rope THOMAS & BETTS - Pipe hangers and struts
IN-SINK-ERATOR - Garbage disposals, hot water dispensers TRERICE - Thermometers and gauges
INSTO-IMPALA, INC. - Propane cylinders, furnaces, torches and accessories TRI-FLO CO. - Ozone-safe multi-purpose lubricant with Teflon

Phoenix/Capital/Camco 304/316 150# - 3000# fittings Swepco Stainless steel pipe (domestic)
Taylor Forge - Stainless fittings Shaw APP -Stainless and nickel alloys
TURBO - Gas, air equipment & accessories TYLER - Soil pipe and fittings
UNION CARBIDE CORP. - Prestolite gas, air equipment & accessories U. S. BRASS (WALLACE MURRAY) - Brass fittings and tubular goods
VICTAULIC - Copper and steel products, stainless and pressfit fittings and tools WATER SAVER FAUCET - D. I. faucets in stock
WATTS REGULATOR CO. - Pressure and relief valves, hydronic valves, back-flow preventers and vacuum breakers WELDBEND - Weld fittings and flanges
WESTERN WIRE PRODUCTS CO. - Pipe hooks and straps WISE EL SANTO - Gloves and rainwear
Western Forge - Stainless flanges Powers - Valves and parts
WOODFORD MFG. CO. - Freeze proof hydrants, wall faucets, yard hydrants and street washers ZURN

- Floor and roof drains, fire hydrants, etc.

Call us at 314-426-4455 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] to see if we have the part for you.  We have the largest inventory of plumbing supplies in Missouri.

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