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Miracle Supply

Miracle Supply offers one of the largest inventories of commercial and industrial supplies in Missouri. As a leading supplier to many area contractors, we offer high quality products for all of your applications and various market needs.  Miracle Cleaning & Technological Solutions offers O2 cleaning and passivation, along with steam and valve automation. Contact Us now for your plumbing, mechanical, heating, and commercial products and supplies, as well as your cleaning and automation needs.


Commercial Products

The following are the various manufactures’ whose commercial products we normally stock. Please check with us on any of your immediate requirements for these quality fixtures.

  • American Saw & Mfg. - Lenox files and saw blades
  • Anderson Metals - Brass air and shut-off cocks and fittings; compression, flare and brass IPS fittings
  • Centerline - Butterfly valves
  • Chicago Faucet Co. - Faucets and parts
  • Elkhart - Copper fittings
  • Febco - Backflow prevents
  • Flagg & Co. - Brass fittings
  • Malco - Industrial tools and accessories; saw blades and drill bits
  • Marsh - Pressure gauges and thermometers
  • Mephisto Tool Co. - Plumbers hand tools
  • Missouri Bolt Co. - Bolts, cap screws, nuts, washers
  • Natco - Bolts, nuts, washers (stainless steel, carbon
  • steel, brass)
  • Radiator Specialty Co. - Pipe joint compounds, faucet parts, plumbers tools
  • Red Devil - Concrete patch, grout, plaster
  • Ridge Tool Co. - Hand tools, pipe machines and dies
  • Smith, A.O. - Water heaters
  • Solderseal - Faucet repair specialties
  • Symmons - Valves, faucets and parts
  • T & S Brass – Faucets and parts
  • Velan - Steam traps
  • Water Saver Faucet - D.I faucets Weldbend - Weld fitting and flanges
  • Wise El Santo - Gloves and raingear
  • Woodford Mfg. Co. - Freeze proof hydrants, wall faucets, yard hydrants and street washers
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