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Miracle Supply

Miracle Supply offers one of the largest inventories of commercial and industrial supplies in Missouri. As a leading supplier to many area contractors, we offer high quality products for all of your applications and various market needs.  Miracle Cleaning & Technological Solutions offers O2 cleaning and passivation, along with steam and valve automation. Contact Us now for your plumbing, mechanical, heating, and commercial products and supplies, as well as your cleaning and automation needs.


The Miracle Supply Management Team

Martin Holtzman - founder of Miracle Supply - started in the lead business in the late 1940s. He gradually moved into the plumbing wholesale business during the Korean War working as salesman, warehouseman, truck driver and billing clerk. As business grew, he added an inside sales person and truck driver. In 1962, he moved to our current location and added 1 more truck driver and 2 warehousemen. The company continued to prosper in the plumbing field.  Martin Holtzman retired in March of 2007 at the ripe old age of 88.

In 1974, Mike Dattilo came to work part time and in 1975 became a full time employee. Mike started as a forklift driver and material handler, moved to warehouse and counterman and then to inside sales. He gradually started to turn the plumbing company toward industrial and heating, thereby diversifying the company. In 1991, an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) was formed with Mike Dattilo becoming Vice President of the Company and Trustee of the ESOP.   In March of 2007, Mike Dattilo became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Miracle Supply Company.

Don Sieve joined the company in 1988 as a counterman and inside sales, having 10 years previous experience in the wholesale business.  In March of 2007, Don Sieve was named Vice-President of Miracle Supply Company.  At this same time, Kristi Wiegraffe was named Secretary / Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer.

Jared Dattilo, Shaun Radae, Nick Sieve, Adam Sieve, and Brandon VanDyke represent the Inside Sales Department for Miracle Supply Company of St. Louis.   Steve Hileman, Mark Simmons, and Jake Simmons represent the Inside Sales Department for Miracle Supply Company of Missouri at the Cape Girardeau location.  The Inside Sales representatives for Miracle Supply Company of Missouri at the Palmyra location are Jason Renard and Shannon Feigenspan. 

During the 1990s, the company prospered and opened a branch location in Cape Girardeau.  This location is currently headed by Steve Hileman with 20 years of plumbing experience.  This growth continued in 2004 with the opening of the Palmyra location. 

Miracle Cleaning & Technological Solutions was opened in August, 2010, headed by Cathy Lundy.  Cathy, with her years of experience at Alfa Laval, heads the cleaning division, while John, with his 30+ years of experience in steam and valve automation, will head that division, with Lisa Rivera handling inside sales.  

Miracle Supply Companies also have several outside sales representatives.  Dan Shofroth and Sandy Johnston cover the Greater Metropolitan Saint Louis area.  Jeff Maevers covers the Cape Girardeau area while Blaine Neiswender covers the Palmyra area.   

With the current Miracle Supply management team, there is 175 years of knowledge in the plumbing, pipe valve and fittings, mechanical and industrial distribution business. And the one driving factor for Miracle Supply has always been service. Our founder, Martin Holtzman, has always stressed "service, service, service" which is how all the employees got the name "The Miracle Workers". How can we be of service to you?

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